Making WordPress Plugin Update Process
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Making WordPress Plugin Update Process

My client has asked me to make a WordPress Plugin that people must purchase. Therefore, it is not put into the plugin repository and is not updatable by default from the Plugins menu in wp-admin.

Is there a best practice way for making the plugin updatable? As in, showing an update on the dashboard, plugin options panel, and Plugins page. When clicked, it automatically upgrades the source code without one having to go through a series of steps. How would you suggest this would work, and do you have any code snippets to explain the process?

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I think the best code snippets are in the WordPress code itself. List of logged in users in Wordpress?See how they did it, and duplicate it with your plugin. wordpress returning all the postsBasically, they send any information around your installed themes and plugins to an server, which responds back with updates if there are any. Add custom markup to Wordpress menuYou must remove your plugin from the list this is sent to WordPress if you want to keep this info to yourself.. WordPress > wp_list_categories with no child categories listed
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