Find the source files of Wordpress

Find the source files of Wordpress

i mean i want to see the source file of the main page. when i click right click and choice the option view source, so i want to find the "body" of the file,and edit it physical, which folder can i find it ? thanks friends.

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WordPress's HTML is generated by PHP in conjunction with CSS, so look in your active theme folder in wp-content/themes/yourtheme. Renaming a default taxonomy field ('description') in WordPressYou'll find all the parts of a WordPress theme: Using Themes « WordPress Codex.. How to exclude posts in taxonomy based on custom field?
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WordPress runs on the server -- the "source" you're viewing from your browser is client-side, and is essentially the output of the WordPress PHP code this generates the pages (and any CSS transforms). Wordpress popularity contest to only track posts from a specific categoryIn rule to see the PHP source, you'll have to download it from WordPress's website yourself or look at your WP installation directory on your server..

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