Why are my pages linking to 404 pages using WordPress?

Why are my pages linking to 404 pages using WordPress?

I made some pages in Wordpress and displayed a navigation so the user can click to go to those pages.

When you click on any of the links, other than the Home link, it will go to a 404 Page not Found Page and display a message as the one below:

The requested URL /new_mtt/about-us-2 was not found on this server.

I realized I don't have a page.php file. Do I need that in order to view pages other than the index?

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There has to be a .htaccess-file in your Wordpress-directory. WordPress 3.0.1 Query Custom Post Type with Custom TaxonomyIn there should be the rules for url rewriting. Best place / file to place rewrite_rules_array hookThe problem could be: this file is missing, the file is corrupt or mod_rewrite is not allowed.. What is a good way to set up a dev, staging and production workflow with wordpress
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You most likely need to regenerate your permalinks -- this solves the problem around 90% of the time. Click on Settings, Permalink; then pick any option that's not selected, hit Save, pick the option you originally wanted again (likely a custom structure with %postname%), hit save again, and verify this it saved.. If it can't save, as with the previous answer, make sure you check this your .htaccess file has global write access..

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