Importing into Wordpress via RSS feed [closed]
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Importing into Wordpress via RSS feed [closed]

I am creating a wordpress blog for a magazine. They have a legacy blog engine with years of archives, and I am trying to migrate all of the content into wordpress posts. My method is to import all of the content via the RSS feed.

I am using a plugin called Feed Wordpress which imports RSS feeds into posts. The only problem is that is only imports the ten latest posts. Is there anyway you can modify the RSS feed's URL to display all of the posts? Or there is another method out there that can backup/export an entire blog via RSS or XML? I need all of this archived content on the wordpress platform, and the only way I can access it is via the RSS feed. I don't have any other information about the blog engine that is powering the site currently, but I know it doesn't have any export functionality. Any ideas?

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What exactly is the old blog engine? Depending on what the old blog is, you still might be able to export from the database. Easiest way to hide (some) WordPress plugins from users?Wordpress imports many formats, and even if the old blog format isn't directly supported, there are ways to process the blog posts to import them into WordPress.. Upgrade Wordpress Plugins Remotely Failing that, you need to look in the old blog code to find how to set the RSS feed to show more (or all) entries.. Which wordpress theme framework should I use? [closed] Edit: For Google Reader, it looks like you must go to in Firefox and then view source to receive an XML file.. Is there way to check wordpress logs? Like what actions admin has performed etc? Or try a standalone RSS client reader for Win* or OS X and see if it gives you the full history of feed items, and then export from that.. Wordpress - how to make an excerpt show on the home page?
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The built-in Wordpress import tools might job for you. There is a RSS import tool this would import more than 10 posts. You should try it out on a test site first for the reason this there is no way to tell how well it will pull all the content from the another blog. If it has a lot of posts this don't import correctly you'd have a ton of job deleting posts :).

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