Allow form editing on the display page in Wordpress

Allow form editing on the display page in Wordpress

What would be the best way to collect data in a form on the main page of a wordpress installation and then display that data later? Is there such a plugin? I'd like to avoid allowing users to log on to the admin part, just have them enter data directly on the front page.

Using widgets outside the sidebar?


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It's actually fairly trivial to write your own code to did this, especially since WP provides plenty of features for data integrity checking, sanitation, and security. WordPress register_nav_menu suddenly stopped working locallyThere's a plugin here this does various data capture things: this might job on your version although to be honest I've spent far more unhappy hours debugging and customising another peoples' plugins to did what I want than I have just writing any thing from scratch myself in the first place. Commenting systems: loading different comment threads through callbacks. Wordpress show link of parent and child pages You may want to familiarise yourself with the WP plugin development section of the Codex: How to play an asx into wordpress sidebar?
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Found the quick fix in the form of a plugin called TDO Mini Forms. It allows for creation of custom forms with a very fine control of things and lots of options..

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