Some Technical Problem with my Blog Post !

Some Technical Problem with my Blog Post !

I recently posted a article in my blog site which uses Wordpress for CMS and after posting the article i noticed a set of dots appearing after the post .

I'm not able to remove it .. Can anyone help me ? and explain me what's wrong with it ?!

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Are you seeing the dots in your list of posts? If yes, you're looking at the list of post excerpts. What's the best/most efficient way of removing Wordpress elements (deleting/commenting, via CSS or PHP declaration/filter)? Once you click one of the title links, you'll see the post text without trailing dots. Using widgets outside the sidebar?. widgets_on_pages not working Alternatively you must add this method to your theme's functions.php file to remove the dots for you.. WordPress register_nav_menu suddenly stopped working locally
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Do you see the whole post or just part of the post? Do you user the tag in your post? It could be this it is just showing part of the post if you did use the , What theme are you using? It could be the lots of it ... . Looks like i cannot connect the dots :-) yet!.

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