setting a page as “Page Post” gives me a “Not Found” message

setting a page as “Page Post” gives me a “Not Found” message

I created 2 pages. let's say "Page 1" and "Page 2". When I view the website, both pages display just fine.

Then I:

  1. go to Settings -> Reading
  2. select "A Static Page"
  3. I set "Page 1" as Front Page & "Page 2" as the Post Page.

I refresh my site and I get a "Not Found" message when I click on Page 2 on the nav bar.

Any ideas?

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Do you have at least one post (not a page) in your blog?. How customize wordpress for intranet purpose?
i made a post and it worked. Including a wp-lang file to define WPLANG according to user's choice (Wordpress)?I don't know why it just didn't display a blank page. How to move the posts index page in Wordpress to another file rather than index.php?
Technically, WordPress was doing what it was supposed to did - no posts were found, hence the 'Not Found' status!. Include post in page (wordpress)
Which one is wordpress cron files to run?

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