Using Structuremap to manage ObjectContext Lifetime in ASP.NET MVC

Using Structuremap to manage ObjectContext Lifetime in ASP.NET MVC

what I want to know If there is a way or an good article on how to manage the objectcontext life cycle through structuremap (I saw an example with ninject). Since I'm new to the methods and possibilities of SM I really don't know How/If possible to make it. In the first moment I wanted to make a singleton of the objectcontext per httpcontext. Thanks for any advice.

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The following is a good starting point for StructureMap StructureMap: Basic Scenario Usage which under the heading of Object Lifetime Manager, discusses object lifetime.. “ASP.NET Webforms MVP” as an alternative to “ASP.NET MVC” [closed] Also the another StackOverflow question 'What is the difference between HybridHttpOrThreadLocalScoped & HttpContextScoped' must shed any light on the two available context's in StructureMap.. Mvc Routing problem This question was marked with "entity-framework" tag although I have most of my experience with StructureMap, any with Ninject, and now I'm learning AutoFac.. How to dynamically determine which HTML 'wrapper' file to use based on the Action Method being executed? I know this is an old question although it's a good one to answer.. Can an Action Filter have access to a private object in the Controller?
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