ASP.NET MVC send an email attachment which is a password encrypted PDF file

ASP.NET MVC send an email attachment which is a password encrypted PDF file

I am working on document storage and retrieval application. In which i display the pdf document as an png image , but i have a email button on the top. On clicking that the user would be able to provide an email address to which the document needs to be sent, and I need to send this pdf as an attachment. I need to password protect the file for security reasons. I have no clue on how i can do this in mvc.

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Password protecting a file has nothing to did with ASP.NET MVC; you would need to password protect it prior to handing it off to ASP.NET MVC for transmission to the client.. good/simple mvc application with fluent nhibernate Using HTTPS would be more secure.. Maintaining state and data context between requests Password protected PDF using C#How can I use partial views in ASP.NET? ASP.NET MVC 2 - Html.DropDownList not working in an AJAX form
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You must use a compressed, password-protected 7zip file. For added security, compress the file programmatically and set a randomly-generated password your users must only access by logging in to your website..

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