Display virtual keyword asp.net for password

Display virtual keyword asp.net for password

I have a login page with an input of type "password" I would like to have a virtual keyboard to enter the password. I've searched and I found the jquery script for virtual keyboard. The code said to add this to my page

$('input[type=password]').keyboard({           layout: "qwerty",           customLayout:         [["q w e r t y {bksp}", "Q W E R T Y {bksp}"],         ["s a m p l e {shift}", "S A M P L E {shift}"],         ["{accept} {space} {cancel}", "{accept} {space} {cancel}"]]       }); 

but I cant make it work!!!! nothing happens when I set focus on my password control. Any suggestions?? thank you!! Nicole.

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I assume you are using the Virtual Keyboard Widreceive plugin. ASP.NET Exception Handling in background threads. MVC2 or WCF for an XML/JSON REST API?
  1. Do you have a plugin script included? (jquery.keyboard.js)
  2. Do you have the CSS scripts on your page?
  3. Are you using jQuery version 1.3.x?
  4. Do you have the jQuery UI included?
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