passing id to controller

passing id to controller

I have 4-5 partial view files (.ascx) like
abc.ascx, cde.ascx, fgh.ascx.

I want to return different partial views based on the name of the view passed to url parameter like this
/someservice/abc will go to action someservice and will return abc.ascx partial view.
/someservice/cde will go to action someservice and will return cde.ascx partial view.

How can achieve this?

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Try this... Partial view postback from a standard Html form with MVC(untested, if it doesn't job let me know and I'll have a play with it). Using a .NET MVC Controller Action as the Source for an HTML <img> In your Global.asax.cs, above the default route, map this route:. ASP.NET MVC: How do I validate a model wrapped in a ViewModel?
 routes.MapRoute(        "SomeService",        "Home/SomeService/{view}",      new { controller = "Home", action="SomeService", view = "" }     ); 
In your controller:. ASP.NET MVC Rich Text Editor not showing buttons
 public class HomeController : Controller  {      public ActionResult SomeService(string view)      {          return View(view);      }  } 
Call it with Home/SomeService/abc etc.... Is there a template language for ASP.NET MVC like JSTL and OGNL?
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